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Why a hairdresser in Georgia’s rural town doesn’t want to give up her hairdo

Why a hairdresser in Georgia’s rural town doesn’t want to give up her hairdo

A barber in Georgia wants to keep her hairstyle even if it means she’ll have to leave her hometown.

Rita Davis, the owner of Dixie Barbershop in DeKalb County, said her barbershop, which started in 1999, has been a tradition for more than 30 years.

She said her customers come to her barber shop to get haircuts and help each other out with their hair and make sure they have a good look.

But the community’s attitude is changing.

The local barbers have started a Facebook page to try and keep the tradition alive, but Davis said they haven’t been able to attract the customers they need to keep the barbers on the ground.

The barbers say they’re not the only ones who are concerned.

Barbershops in the town of around 800 people are closing down.

Davis said the barber shortage is affecting their businesses.

She said her staff have been doing their best to keep up with the demand, but they’ve been working on getting their customers to stay in town and not drive away.

She’s also worried about the effect on the surrounding area.

Davis says people have started to leave because of the increased traffic, but she said she can’t say how much damage the traffic is causing.

Dixie Barber, a local chain, closed its doors in March after six years in business.

It has since reopened.

Davis said she has been trying to find a replacement barber for a few years, but her bar has been losing customers to other chains.

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