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Which of these is the best hairdressing salon in your city?

Which of these is the best hairdressing salon in your city?

A hairdressor in Minneapolis is trying to save the industry with his own salon, which he hopes will become a model for others to follow.

Haiti-born Raffaele Giamatti founded Aaliattin Hair Salon in March of this year, a small salon located in a shopping center next to a coffee shop in Minneapolis’s North Side neighborhood.

The business is now offering its services to the public, but is still a privately-held company.

The hairdresses on hand at Aaliatin include some of the city’s top designers, including Rachel Manteuffel, who was the first woman to be named Salon of the Year at Salon International in 2013.

Manteufel is also the founder of Aaliaturals Salon in the Midwest.

She is also one of the founders of a hairdo school, which teaches the art of hairdoing in schools and communities.

Giamatti is hoping to be an inspiration for others in Minneapolis.

He says he wanted to open his salon because he wants to give back to the community, not just as a haberdasher but also to give his hairdens an authentic feel.

“I want to give people an experience that they can feel good about themselves in.

It’s something that they could do with their hair, they could wear with a suit, or it could be a gift to someone,” Giamacci told Polygon.”

It’s something they can be proud of.”

The salon is part of a trend in Minneapolis, according to Giamaccia.

Many businesses have opened in the past year, but few of them are as large as Aaliata.

He hopes to open the salon to help give back.

“My goal is to create a place that is like the city, but also the people,” Gias said.

“I want it to be something that is really welcoming and fun.”

The owner of Aalattin says he is a little nervous about opening the business.

But he is optimistic that Aaliateurs Salon will provide the service that he and his colleagues expect it to provide.

“Our business is based on giving people the pleasure of their own hair, that is our main value, and that is what we are all about,” Giannaccia said.

“We are open to anyone who wants to come and be a part of the community.”

For now, Giamattis goal is not only to open up his salon, but to create something that will help other people in the Minneapolis area.

He and his team are already working on the website, which will showcase his salon and give people a glimpse into what it is like to be a haired salon owner.

“People come to us for the same reasons they come to any salon,” Gis said.

The owners hope that Aalati will also help give Minneapolis a new lease on life.

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