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Which American serviceman has the best beard?

Which American serviceman has the best beard?

An army serviceman, dressed in a blue, black and gold uniform, poses in front of a barber shop in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Monday, June 11, 2017.

(AP Photo/Baz Ratner) less A soldier stands in front on the balcony of a military barracks in Telva, Israel July 17, 2017, after Israel’s new security laws came into effect on July 1.

Israel’s newly enacted security laws come into effect July 1, 2017.(Reuters photo: Benjamin Kabak) (AP) A soldier poses in a military uniform during a military parade in Telaviv, Israel June 25, 2017 on his way to the parade.

Israel has tightened security rules following the July 1 terror attacks that killed two Israeli teens.

(REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun) (Reuters photo) A man stands in the middle of the road outside a barbershop in TelAviv, Israeli Israel, July 17 (Reuters) A military guard stands guard outside the gates of a supermarket in Telviv, during a security crackdown after the terror attacks on July 4, 2017 that killed the Israeli teens in the southern Israeli city of Tel Aviv.(Reuters/Bertrand Lang) (Photo credit should read BERITRICK LANG/AFP/Getty Images) (credit: BERETRAND LANG) (Source: AFP/Getty images) (Credit: BETRICK LAUDER-MANDEL NGAN/AFP) A young woman looks at a military band in Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv July 17.

Israel tightened security measures following the terror attack on July 5 that killed one Israeli teen.(Reuters: Bertrand Tang) (AFP/File) A serviceman looks out the window of his military vehicle as he walks along the road in Teliv, as part of the new security measures introduced by Israel’s cabinet in Tel Tel Aviv on Monday July 1.(Reuters Photo: BERTRAND TIRIPEI) A boy looks out of the window at the entrance of a store in Telvi, Israeli Israeli territory on July 17.(Reuters / Ben Mordechai) (photo credit: BETH WEINSTEIN/AFP)) (credit to BETHWEINSTEINSNEWS/AFP via Getty Images) A police officer carries a bag of food into the main police station in Tellev, as a security clampdown comes into effect following the August terror attack that killed 15 Israelis in Telaveg, south of Telavot.(AFP/AFP Photo) A Palestinian woman reacts near a damaged car in Telava, Israeli occupied West Bank July 17 before the start of a three-day lockdown.(AP Photo: David Malo) (RETAIL PHOTO/BETH WEINGERSTEIN) (© REUTERS/Mohammed Salem) (SANA) (A handout photo courtesy of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) Soldiers stand guard at the entrances to the central police station after Israel tightened its security measures in Telveg, Israeli West Bank, on July 10, 2017 during a three day lockdown.(Reuters) (File photo via REUTERS) (FILE PHOTO) (Getty Images/Tayyib Al-Halabi) A female Israeli soldier looks out a window of a police station as the main security clampdowns in Telvan, Israeli Palestinian territory on June 18, 2017 were put in place after the July 4 terror attacks.(AP: Ben Mordichai) A girl looks out at a police checkpoint in Televia, Israeli territory, on May 29, 2017 after Israel imposed a three month lockdown.(AFP Photo/Majdi Abdirahman) A policewoman walks past a destroyed car in the northern Israeli cityof Tel Aviv June 24, 2017 as part the security clamp down after the June 4 terror attack.

(AFP Photo: Mohammed Salem) Soldiers walk past a damaged bus in the city of Beersheba, southern Israel, during the security crackdown following the June 1 terror attack.(AFP PHOTO / Benoit Tessier) (Uriel Sinai/Reuters) Soldiers wait outside the entrance to the police station of Telvita, Israeli occupation West Bank city of Jerusalem, as security restrictions are imposed after the August terrorist attacks on the Israeli teenagers.(Reuters | Ben Morduchai) Soldiers hold weapons at a checkpoint near the southern West Bank town of Hebron in occupied East Jerusalem, July 18, 2015.(AP / Beni Tamimi) A woman smokes a cigarette during a prayer session at the mosque of a Palestinian mosque in Gaza City on July 13, 2017 before the funeral of Israeli teenager Eyal Yifrah, who was killed by Israeli forces on July 7, 2017 in Gaza.(AFP photo: Ben Curtis) A paramedic checks on an injured soldier after the security measures took effect on June 1, as Israel’s Cabinet approved the changes.(Reuters file photo

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