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When Sally was Sally: Sally’s hairdressing salon is now a full-service beauty shop

When Sally was Sally: Sally’s hairdressing salon is now a full-service beauty shop

The Sally’s Salon in Stirling is a beautiful, clean space with a collection of contemporary and antique beauty products and services.

The shop was opened in 2009 and is now one of the oldest beauty shops in Scotland.

Sally’s salon is currently on the move and the shop is now closed for renovations.

Sally said: Sally, we were both born in Stirlings and we grew up there, so it was always a part of our family and our family name.

The space was always full of memories and we have been working hard to keep it that way.

Sally added: Sally had always been a great customer and we’re excited to be opening the shop back in the old fashion way.

The new Sally’s Hairstyles and Skincare is an exciting new venture that combines Sally’s experience in the beauty industry with Sally’s expertise in hair care.

Sally started as a hair stylist and grew to have her own salon and was eventually offered the position of Sally’s Hairdresser.

Sally has been a successful hairdressor since 2009 and has also managed the Sally’s Spa and Sally’s Bathrooms, as well as Sally’s beauty supply store, Sally’s Beauty Supplies.

Sally and her wife, Sally, started the Sally Hairstylist in 2011 and opened Sally’s Barber Shop in 2013.

Sally told us: I think the main thing is that I’m an expert in hair and my business has always been focused on being a good customer.

I also think the fact that we are a full service beauty shop means we can provide the best customer service possible.

Sally explained: Sally is the first person that we have ever worked with and we really want to give her the best experience possible.

We really wanted to bring a modern, modern look and a modern touch to the shop.

We also wanted to be able to offer a range of products that would appeal to a wider audience.

Sally is passionate about what she does and we want to continue to support her by providing products that are of high quality.

Sally was able to take on a new job at the shop after her husband was killed in a car crash.

Sally, who is a natural hair stylian, said: My husband and I started out doing our own hair, but I’m not the only person that can do hair.

It’s something that I really enjoy.

I do it because I like it.

I love it when I can give people a little more control over the look they have.

Sally also shared how the new Sally Haired Barber Shop is different from the old one: I was actually a hair braider, and I’ve always been passionate about the art of styling hair, so when we started looking at what we were going to do, I knew it was going to be different.

Sally decided to open the shop in a new and exciting way.

She said: The shop has always felt like home to me and I think that’s because we have a family history and we know how to treat each other well and really care about each other and be good to each other.

Sally opened the Sally Hair Salon in 2009 after her marriage broke down.

Sally now has more than 60 years of experience working in the industry, and she is excited to bring her expertise and passion to the business.

Sally hopes the new salon will be a “satisfying new beginning” for the Sally hairdresses and salon and that customers will enjoy their new experience.

Sally revealed that Sally has always loved to give back to the community, and the new shop will allow her to keep her passion for hair products and hair styling alive.

Sally: I’m always passionate about doing my job, so I really feel that it is really rewarding for me to be a part, but also really rewarding to be part of the community.

Sally went on to say: I really think that Sally’s new salon is going to bring back a lot of memories to the people that come through.

Sally had a great time in St Helen’s House in the village of St Helen, and was delighted to be working with the local community and people at large.

Sally will be sharing her experience with the Stirling Tourism and Cultural Trust in her next visit to Scotland.

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