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What you need to know about the new Trump hairstyle

What you need to know about the new Trump hairstyle

A new hairstyle is making headlines around the world.

But a hairstyle made by a hairdressing company in India may not be a new trend.

Here are the top 10 reasons why this hairstyle looks cool:1.

The name “Baggy” is the only part that looks foreign.2.

The hairstyle resembles the character of a man from an old movie from the 90s.3.

The hair is long and it can be shaved.4.

The style has a lot of twists.5.

The length of the hair is longer than a typical man’s hair.6.

The hairdryer has a beard in the middle of the head, which is pretty cool.7.

The cut is made of gold metal and it’s shiny.8.

The man wears a cap and a scarf around his neck.9.

The guy is balding his head.10.

The price tag is $2,500 (about $300 US)

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