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What you need to know about hairdressing tools

What you need to know about hairdressing tools

Hairdressers are the biggest business in the country and the biggest employer of children, according to figures from the Children’s Society.

The charity, which campaigns to improve access to education and support for those who need it, estimates the sector employs more than 1.3 million people across the UK.

But while some businesses are already making inroads into the industry, others have struggled to find an identity in an increasingly competitive market.

Here are some of the top hairdressers and salons across the country.


Hairdressers at Soho Hairdresser in South LondonThe Hairspray Museum is a small, but eclectic salon.

It’s been running for the last five years, but it’s only opened a few times in that time.

Owner Sarah MacDougall opened the shop in 2014 with her son Daniel, who is now a pupil at St John’s College, Oxford. 

She’s been an experienced stylist and is familiar with the business of the hairdresser. 

“We were the only salon in London to have our own salon, which is a really big deal,” she told the BBC.

“It’s really a really small space, but people are very friendly and there are lots of lovely customers.”

We are a really friendly, welcoming place. 

I’ve never seen a bigger market for stylists.

It is so much easier to find people, you know?

It’s a great opportunity for people who have the skills, to get their own space and work out how to do their job.

“She said the salon was also popular with people with children because they wanted to learn how to use the tools.”

They do have a really large staff, which means you can have a big number of people working,” she said. 


Hairdressering salon at The Salter on Charing CrossThe Salter has been a hairdressing destination for many years, with a clientele that includes the Duchess of Cambridge.

Owner Liz McAllister said the business has a very unique feel. 

When the salon first opened, she was worried about the amount of time it took to make a haircut.”

I was worried that the people I worked with might be going through the process of making their hair and they’d have to wait until they were ready to go to bed to get dressed,” she explained.”

But that has changed now, so people are going to come in and make their hair as quickly as possible.” 

The salon has been in business since 2007, with staff working from 11am to 7pm, seven days a week. 


Hairdressing salon at Hairdress at The Corner on WestminsterThe salon at the corner of Westminster and Westminster Bridge is owned by a husband-and-wife team, and has a small but impressive number of customers.

Owner Nicola Wainwright said it’s a place where customers are treated like professionals. 

It’s a very different experience to the salon at Salthouse, which she said has been more of a casual salon. 

But she’s happy with the number of clients she’s seen there. 


Hair dresser at The Shaves in BournemouthThe Hairdress Club at Bournshire is the first salon to open in the city.

It was opened in the late 80s, and is a salon that has been around for 20 years.

Owner Joanna Stoddart has been running the salon for 17 years and said the owner of the shop has a lot of experience with hair and makeup. 

5. “

[They are] women who are looking for someone who will work on their style, they want a great hair stylist who has been working on the business for a long time, who knows the salon well,” she added. 


Hair salon at Lighthouse Salon in LlandaffThe Llandaffe salon is run by a former Royal Navy officer, who started his career as a hair dresser.

Owner Karen Wainworth said the shop was a “very small shop” and had a small staff. 


Hair stylist at Hair Dresser in LondonWendy McConville is one of the salon’s most experienced stylists and has been making the cut since she was 15 years old.

She said she had been working at the salon since she turned 18. 


Hair Dressing salon in Covent GardenThe Hair Dressers in Coventer Garden is run jointly by Wanda and James Smith, who are both retired hairdressery professionals.

“The owners have been here for many, many years and are very experienced,” Wainwary told the Evening Standard.

“They know how to get the right look, they know how the hair should be done, and they know the tools, the supplies. 

They are very proud of the business and what they do. 

The shop is very different

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