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What we know about a new wave of high-tech salon closures, says Chris Oliver

What we know about a new wave of high-tech salon closures, says Chris Oliver

A new wave in salon closures is spreading across the country, according to a Bloomberg analysis of data from data firm ABI Research.

A large portion of these closures have occurred in cities with booming economies, including Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland.

A number of these cities also saw a significant rise in the number of workers at the end of 2016, according the analysis, which was based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The data suggests that the number one cause of new closures has been a sharp decline in the supply of labor.

As a result, many workers are finding themselves unable to find a job that matches their skill level, the analysis found.

The downturn in hiring has also led to a surge in layoffs in these cities, with some workers receiving less than the usual wage.

The data paints a picture of the growing challenges faced by the unemployed and underemployed.

In the Boston metropolitan area, there were 1,844 layoffs from January through August.

The Boston Herald reported in July that the total number of job cuts nationwide in August was higher than at any time since 2012.

The report added that the layoffs in Boston, as well as a number of other metropolitan areas, are “significantly outpacing the economy as a whole.”

ABS data shows that in July, the number at risk of losing their jobs dropped from 3,936 in the first half of this year to 2,912 in August.

That is a sharp drop from the number who were at risk at the start of the year.

ABA data also shows that the job loss in the Boston area in August is about 10 percent lower than the number in the entire United States, which is an average of 4,300 jobs per month.

ABA data shows a similar pattern in the Washington metropolitan area.

The Washington metropolitan region saw a net increase in the amount of work lost in August from 1,051 to 1,052 jobs.

That number is the lowest since April 2016, and is also the lowest in more than five years.

Another key trend highlighted by ABA is that the decline in hiring is being felt across all sectors of the economy.

The job losses in the industries that have experienced the most job losses are retail and hospitality.

Restaurants and bars are among the sectors that have seen their job losses, according a Bloomberg article.

The employment numbers are also down in many sectors that are critical to the national economy.

In manufacturing, for example, the employment numbers fell by 14,000 jobs.

Other sectors that saw job losses include transportation and warehousing.

Some industries have been especially hard hit.

The New York City metropolitan area lost 3,200 jobs in August, which would be the most since March.

The Los Angeles area, which has long been considered one of the best cities in the nation for attracting young professionals, saw a 5,000-job decline.

The Philadelphia area, another of the nation’s most livable cities, saw an 11,000 job drop.

This is the first time in over a year that the New York metropolitan area has seen a significant decrease in job openings, according Bloomberg.

At the same time, there are signs that some of the cities experiencing the biggest declines in jobs have been more resilient than others.

Some cities are continuing to thrive, while others have been on the edge.

Seattle, for instance, saw employment numbers fall from 2,898 in August to 2 and a half thousand in September, the lowest employment number in a month since March of last year.

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