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What to expect when Kim Kardashian returns to Melbourne in 2018

What to expect when Kim Kardashian returns to Melbourne in 2018

Geelong is ready to welcome back Kim Kardashian as a new hairstylist, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some challenges ahead.

Key points:Kim Kardashian is in town for a few days and will meet up with some local customers on Monday, but it won’t be long before she’s back to workThe new hairstyles, including a bun, are now available at many local businesses in Melbourne’s CBDKey pointsKim Kardashian will be visiting Melbourne for a short visit on Monday before returning to her home town for some workThe hairstyles are now in stock at most Melbourne’s local shops and restaurants, including the popular Kim Kardashian hairstyle shopIn a bid to make things easier for customers, Melbourne City Council has unveiled the new Kim Kardashian haircuts at the Kim Kardashian Hairstyles boutique in the CBD.

“Kim will be in town to meet up some local clients on Monday and will then return to her local shop on Tuesday,” the council said in a statement.

“Her arrival at the new boutique will allow for a smoother transition between her appearances and her daily routine.”

Kim Kardashian hairdo at Kim Kardashian Salon, on South Glebe Street, Geelong.(Supplied: Kim Kardashian Hairdresser)Kim will meet some customers on the new haircuts at the salon at the corner of North Melbourne Avenue and North Circular Road.

“During her visit, Kim will meet with some of her customers in the salon to discuss how to best suit their needs, which include a variety of styles, styles to choose from and hairstyles to suit their personal style preferences,” the statement said.

Kim Kardashian’s new hairstyle was designed by Kim Kardashian stylist, Kim Bekhechi.

“It is a very stylish look that we love to wear,” the shop owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

“I think the best part is it’s available to everyone in Melbourne, so it’s a no-brainer for anyone.”

Kim’s return to Geelong comes as part of the city’s “Great Melbourne” celebration that began on Sunday and ends on Monday.

Kim has already returned to Melbourne to take part in the celebrations with Melbourne City Councillor David Davis.

“The City Council will be holding an event to welcome Kim into the City,” he said.

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