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This California hair salon owner is so proud of her salon that she’s giving it away for free!

This California hair salon owner is so proud of her salon that she’s giving it away for free!

Theresa, who is married and has two young children, has spent years planning and working out every detail for her salon.

It’s so important to her that customers feel as if they’re getting the best experience possible.

Theresa said the first time she opened her salon, customers were excited about the smell and looked forward to their visit.

After opening the salon in April, she said customers had asked for so much more.

“I think that’s what keeps customers coming back,” she said.

“They want to know that they’re going to have the best experiences.”

Teresa said she feels so lucky to have a loyal clientele that loves her hair.

“People are so loyal to the people that they work with, so it’s amazing to see people come in for just one day and they’re hooked,” Teresa said.

It doesn’t take a doctorate or extensive experience in the beauty industry to become a certified hair stylist.

Teresa said her hair stylists can’t wait to show her customers how they perform.

“It’s just a very beautiful job and the way they do it is amazing,” Teresa added.

Teresa has been working as a hair stylian since 2007.

“The job of a stylist is to make sure that your hair looks natural and the hair doesn’t get greasy or frizzy, and it doesn’t curl or become damaged,” Teresa explained.

Teresa’s salon will be opening for business this Thursday, June 11, at 11 a.m. and will stay open until 10 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, June 19.

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