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The best cheap hairdressing and beauty salons in town

The best cheap hairdressing and beauty salons in town

A new survey finds the cost of beauty salon services are the most affordable in town.

It also found that the cost to open a beauty salon has dropped to the lowest in the nation, while the number of salon openings in the town has doubled since the survey began in 2011.

The survey of local beauty salONnects, which includes over 700 local beauty and wellness salons, found the average price for a salon in the towns of Cheshire and Hampshire, and Gloucester, is now around $6.50 per hour.

The survey also found the cost per square foot to be the lowest.

The average salon was able to find more than 1,100 customers each day, with an average wait of less than 10 minutes.

The survey found that people in Gloucester spent more than twice as much per day on their beauty treatments, but also found people in Cheshire spent more on their haircuts.

In a statement, a Gloucester spokesperson said the survey revealed “the price of beauty services has plummeted to the most competitive in the country.”

“We are excited to see that the local beauty community has finally made the switch from the high-priced hairdryers of the past to low-cost, friendly beauty saloons,” said the spokesperson.

“We look forward to the many positive effects this has on our residents and businesses, and we encourage anyone who is interested in starting a salon to check out the Cheshire area’s great value for money in the market.”

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