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Royal crown hairstylist ‘honest’ as court fights royal hairdresser

Royal crown hairstylist ‘honest’ as court fights royal hairdresser

The man who won a $25,000 settlement from a court-ordered haircut for a woman he accused of stalking him has said he is “honored” and proud to have made his case.

The 41-year-old, who is now an employee of the Crown Hairdresser’s Guild in Los Angeles, said he was forced to take the action after his former client threatened to sue him for $20,000 in damages.

“This is a good day, a good moment,” said Richard Loomis, owner of Crown Haircuts in Los Altos Hills.

“We had the opportunity to win.

I am honored and proud.”

Loomis said the lawsuit, which came to light earlier this year, was filed after his client complained about his hair and facial hair and said he would sue him if he didn’t get it cut.

He was ordered to do so by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.

Loomys case is unusual because it is being used to push the boundaries of legal remedies in the wake of the landmark landmark Supreme Court ruling in 2014 that forced the states to set reasonable compensation levels for victims of sexual harassment.

In that case, the court said that courts must consider the needs of the person who has been sexually harassed in deciding whether a reasonable person would expect an employer to pay damages.

The ruling was based on the idea that victims can be harmed by sexual harassment, particularly if the harassment is repeated, said Jennifer Ziegler, a professor of law at the University of Chicago School of Law.

Ziegler noted that women who seek compensation from their employers have faced problems, including accusations that they are liars and other obstacles.

In the case of Loomys, Zieglers lawsuit alleged that he called her a “lazy” and a “bitch” on the phone, while she said he repeatedly asked her out on dates.

Loomes attorney, Paul Zieminski, said that’s not the truth.

“He called her an idiot, a bitch, and he had his own version of the history that he wanted to put in,” Zieminsky said.

“That’s not who he is.”

The court heard that Loomies claims that the woman was stalking him, and that she threatened to go to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Lombardi, a retired Los Angeles police officer, told the court that he believed Loomish to be the victim of a hoax.

Lombardi said he believed his client would lose.

“I believe that if the woman had taken his money and gone after him with her own personal vengeance that she could have had a very different outcome,” he said.

Lomis, who has worked for the Crown for 20 years, said his client was “honest, and I think the court got it.”

“This was a woman that was trying to ruin my life and was trying for a very long time to get a restraining order,” Loomi said.

“She was basically harassing me.”

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