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NHL: We’ll never get a good idea of how good a goalie can be without knowing what we know now

NHL: We’ll never get a good idea of how good a goalie can be without knowing what we know now

When it comes to hockey’s elite, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Henrik Lundqvist.

The guy who has helped the New York Rangers win two Stanley Cups and is now on his fourth team.

Or that goalie coach, Dave Tippett.

Or goalie coach Steve Mason, who coached him for nine seasons with the Montreal Canadiens.

Or the guy who worked with Lundqvists brother, the man who has played for the Rangers and Columbus Blue Jackets.

And you might have heard of the guy on the other side of the hockey world, the one who has worked for the NHL’s highest paid goalies: Ryan Miller.

Miller, the former goaltender for the Detroit Red Wings, was an assistant coach with the Rangers for six seasons.

Now he’s the head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers.

It’s been a remarkable career for Miller, who was the third goalie in NHL history to win the Hart Trophy, the league’s most valuable player award, and the highest-paid goalie in league history.

And while his career was filled with highs and lows, Miller was also the league MVP in 2015 and 2016.

Miller is a unique story.

But, to hear some NHL fans tell it, there is one thing that Miller does not have: a history of NHL success.

He’s never won the Stanley Cup.

He has never had a Stanley Cup Finals appearance.

And yet, the question of whether Miller is the best goalies in the league has never been raised, and that has become an important question in the years since Miller signed a six-year, $33.5 million contract with the Flyers.

Miller has the skill to win a Stanley Trophy and, despite his limited NHL experience, he has the experience to get it done.

The question is, why?

The answer to that question is complicated, but it’s important to understand what Miller has achieved in his career.

Miller’s journey to the NHL started in the 1980s.

It started in Edmonton, where he was a player on the Oilers’ amateur team.

Then he moved to Winnipeg, where his hockey career began.

In Winnipeg, Miller went to junior hockey and earned a spot on the Edmonton Oilers’ junior team.

In Edmonton, he played on the club’s junior team, then the Oilers won the Calder Cup in 1986 and were one of the top teams in the NHL.

Miller then moved on to the New Jersey Devils, where Miller played for eight years before returning to the Oilers, playing for seven years in Edmonton and then seven years with the Devils.

After a brief stint in Buffalo, Miller returned to the Devils and played nine seasons.

He also played in the AHL with the Sabres, where the organization won a Stanley Medal in 2002.

In 2007, Miller made the jump to the big leagues with the Washington Capitals, where in 2008 he became the first goaltender in NHL History to win five straight playoff games.

In 2009, Miller led the Capitals to the Stanley Memorial Cup, where they fell in the first round to the Boston Bruins.

That season, Miller became the only goaltender in the history of the NHL to win six straight Stanley Cup titles.

In 2010, Miller played his last NHL game as a member of the Capitals.

In 2012, Miller joined the Philadelphia Eagles, where during the 2013-14 season, he won the Vezina Trophy as the league rookie of the year and the Hart Memorial Trophy as rookie of both the year (2010) and the following season (2012).

In 2013, Miller won the Hart, Vezine and Hart Trophies.

In 2014, Miller again won the league Rookie of the Year award and the Vele…the Stanley Cup MVP award.

In 2015, Miller earned his first NHL shutout and became the third goaltender in history to record 50 wins in a season (Henrik Lundvist, 54 in 2008-09).

Miller became only the fifth goaltender in league-history to win 50 games in a single season.

In 2016, Miller helped the Philadelphia Union win their first playoff game since 2010 and the second straight playoff series in franchise history.

Miller also became the second goalie in league lore to win back-to-back playoff series (in 2008 and 2009).

Miller has been one of just five goalies to win at least 50 games, 50 wins and 50 points in the same season since his rookie season in 2006-07, joining the league record set by Pittsburgh’s Braden Holtby in 2015-16.

In the playoffs, Miller has led the NHL in wins, goals and save percentage.

He holds the league mark for most shutouts (18) and second most shutout wins (5).

In 2018-19, Miller also set a new franchise record for most wins in one season with the Philadelphia Phillies, a franchise record.

Miller and the Philadelphia team finished in first place in the Eastern Conference and advanced to the Eastern Division Finals for the first time since 2009.

Miller earned the Vezel Trophy as playoff

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