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Man arrested for threatening to kill his wife after she left him for a different man

Man arrested for threatening to kill his wife after she left him for a different man

Woman hairdressinger who claimed she was kidnapped and held hostage by her husband for four months has been arrested for stalking her estranged husband.

In February this year, the 39-year-old victim told police that her estranged man, a cleaner who has since moved away, had threatened to kill her if she did not move out of her home.

Police found the victim’s mobile phone on his bedside table and arrested him.

They said the accused threatened to commit suicide if she moved out.

After a court hearing on Tuesday, the accused was arrested.

He is being held in a Brisbane court on a $250,000 bail and will appear in court again on November 2.

“It’s very disturbing for someone to make that threat to harm another person, but I think this case demonstrates the seriousness of the threat,” Detective Inspector Ben Wilson said.

He said the victim had made no complaint to police and was unaware of any threats.

The woman had been staying with her estranged partner and their children at the time.

The police case is not believed to be related to the kidnapping of another woman in Queensland last year, but Ms Wilson said she believed her case was similar to that of the former victim.

“The victim’s relationship with the accused is now in a different stage, but she is still in contact with the victim and has expressed concern for her wellbeing,” he said.

“This case is an example of a woman being abused by her ex-partner in a way that we believe was not consensual.”

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