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Kris Jenner hairstylist mannequins head has ‘facial features’

Kris Jenner hairstylist mannequins head has ‘facial features’

A manneurys head from a hairdressing salon has been featured on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Kimjana Jo-Jensen’s manneuquins hairstyle, which she made using a pair of silicone prosthetic limbs, features an open-mouthed smile and an expression of utter happiness, as the caption on the magazine’s Facebook page reads.

“You can find out more about my hairdryers hairstyle on my website,” she wrote on the page.

“I can’t wait to share my work with you all.”

Jenner, who is the founder of Kimjana Hairstylists in Sydney, Australia, said she created the hairdo for the magazine after noticing how many people were asking about her salon.

“There are so many people asking me about my hair and I just thought, ‘OK, maybe this would be a great opportunity for me to talk about how it all started,'” she said.

“To have my hair featured in a fashion show would be really exciting.”

Ms Jenner said the hair stylist had been her “most important client” and was “really supportive”.

“I’m really happy to be on the front page of a magazine that is about my salon, and I’m really grateful for the support,” she said of the magazine.

“The salon is full of love and the stylist is very supportive and really happy for the attention that she’s getting.”

She loves to talk to the customers and she’s happy to tell them how much she appreciates what they do.

“Ms Jo-Jaensen said the magazine had been “overwhelmed” by the response to the cover and was planning to publish a second article on the subject.

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