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How to turn the hairdresser’s birthday into a viral marketing event

How to turn the hairdresser’s birthday into a viral marketing event

The hairdressers birthday is the day everyone wants to celebrate and share.

But what if the party is also about a big business, or even about your company?

It’s a great time to use your social media marketing tools to create an event that’s a bit more social and not so commercial.

Here are six things to consider when creating an event like this one.1.

Create a marketing plan What does a hairdressier’s birthday mean?

If you’re a hairdressing salon, it means you have to get ready to sell your products, and you’ll need to do it right away.

The same goes for your customers.

For some hairdresses, the birthday can also be about their customers.2.

Create an event description The event description helps you find customers for the day.

Make sure to use an attractive photo and a hashtag to capture the attention of your followers.

This way, you can get your followers to share the event on social media.3.

Get the people involvedIn most cases, the event description will be your best bet to reach out to your customers and get them interested in your business.

You’ll also need to make sure your events have enough social media content and content that your customers can relate to.4.

Make it interestingIf your hairdressings birthday is your first birthday, it’s also the perfect opportunity to create something that will get people interested in a specific aspect of your business and also make your customers smile.

So, make sure to include as many facts and fun facts as possible.5.

Set a time to get the people excitedIn most events, the party starts around 11 a.m. on the day of the event.

But there are some events that start earlier.

To be sure that the party gets started early, you need to set an end time.

That way, your customers won’t have to wait for the hair dresser to be ready to go.6.

Use social media to get your guests excitedWhen you’re planning your event, don’t forget to use social media as well.

That means posting the photos and videos you’re going to use on your social networks, and also sharing your personal information.

Make your events easily discoverable and also look good.

If you want to have the most impact, don´t forget to share your event on Instagram and Facebook.

They are also great tools to use to spread the word about your event.

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