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How to shop for hairdo and hairstyles

How to shop for hairdo and hairstyles

Haircuts are often a luxury item, but it’s also a major source of income.

According to a survey by global hair-care website, Heraldo, more than one-third of men and women surveyed in 2017 said they spend money on haircuts, but many of them are opting for a more personal approach.

“Hair has always been a part of my life,” says Alex, a hairstylist based in Toronto.

“I’ve always been obsessed with styling my hair, so I’m always looking for the right products.”

He’s found a niche for his own hairdryers, offering customised haircuts in his own shop and making his own hairstyles available online.

“In my industry, it’s become a bit of a cottage industry, and people are going to do it for a few different reasons,” he says.

The beauty trend is growing, but the cost is still high – Alex says that his customers are usually more interested in personal style than mass-marketing.

“It’s a bit like a little bit of an experiment.

They’re coming in for a haircut and they’re very excited and they want it to look great,” he explains.

“They want it in a really nice way and they don’t want it for cheap.

They want it really professional.”

But what are the best hairdyles for the money?

A study from UK-based consultancy Hairline found that the most popular hairstyles are: a.

Bob hairstyle: £4,200 b. Bob cut: £2,400 c.

Bob with hair: £1,400 d.

Bob haircut with braids: £500 e.

Bob style: £400 f.

Bob combed short: £600 g.

Bob short combed: £300 h.

Bob long combed : £150 i.

Bob bobbed: £150 j.

Bob bangs: £200 k.

Bob straight bob: £140 l.

Bob blowout: £60 m.

Bob pompadour: £30 n.

Bob braid: £20 o.

Bob ponytail: £15 p. Bob bow: £5 q. Bob bun: £3 r. Bob wig: £350 s.

Bob wavy hair: -£400 t.

Bob mane: £130 u.

Bob beard: £50 v.

Bob headgear: £250 w.

Bob afro: £100 x.

Bob hair clip: £40 z.

Bob strapless bra: £180

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