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How to make a custom-tailored smock for your pet

How to make a custom-tailored smock for your pet

There are many reasons to wear a customised smock, but one of the best is the added comfort of the added warmth.

For our pet, that comfort comes from the fact that our pets skin has been cut and tailored for them.

But why not make it your own and add your own unique touches to it?

We’ve rounded up a few ideas to make your smock more unique, and to help you choose the perfect size for your pets comfort.

How to tailor your own custom-made smock: • Make your own tailor-made woolen smock from a small amount of fabric.

We recommend using an inexpensive woolen yarn such as the one pictured above, and then use that to sew the fabric to your pet’s body.

This gives you the option of choosing the right size and shape of fabric, and also making it your pets own customised shirt.

We also recommend using the fabric you chose to sew it onto the pet’s skin, which is what we did with our cat.

You can find a lot of good information on the Internet about how to make and sew a woolen cat smock here, and we found some good tips and tricks for making your own fabric fabric.

• Make a custom woolen shirt for your cat.

This one is pretty straightforward: cut a long piece of fabric about the size of your cat’s head, and cut out the collar.

You should now have a fabric that fits your cat, and can be tailored for any body shape or size, including cats with large ears, cats with medium ears, or cats with smaller ears.

You may also want to make sure you’re not making it too tight or too loose for your little one to wear.

If you do this, you can make your own woolen coat or tights, but you’ll need to buy a few of the fabrics that make up your smocks fabric.

This is a great way to keep your cats body warm while you work on your own, and will give you a much better fit for your furry friends.

• Find a wool-dyed fabric for your custom-crafted smock.

The fabric you use will determine how much of your fur will be covered by the fabric, so you can use different types of fabric to make it more unique and custom.

For the cats we made, we used a lightweight, silky, and water-resistant wool called ‘Tall-Wool’.

You can buy it from our local craft store or at most craft stores in your area.

We used it in our smocks, and it was the perfect fit for our little ones ears.

• Use a wool fabric for a custom tights.

The tights we made were a fabric with the wool fabric, ‘Fluff’, in it.

This fabric is made with wool that has been dyed with a special process called dyeing.

It gives you a silky texture and feels good on your body.

You could also use a different fabric for this purpose.

For a custom fitted tights you can buy the ‘Wooly’ wool tights here.

• Get a custom tailored shirt for you and your cat and make it out of the wool you’ve made.

We made our custom shirt out of wool we found in a local craft shop.

The finished product is about the length of a large shoebox.

You will need to cut out two or three layers of the fabric for each of your cats ears.

If your cat has larger ears than ours, you might want to cut them out a bit smaller, or even cut them into strips instead of long strips.

This will give your cats unique shapes and a better fit.

• Have your cat wear the custom-designed smock and tights on your behalf, for your comfort.

If all goes well, you should be able to wear the shirt to bed with little to no discomfort, and your cats skin will look like your own.

It’s a simple process, and should take about an hour or so.

It may take a few days or weeks for the fur to fully grow, and the fabric may take several days to fully dry.

Make sure you check with your vet before you do any other modifications to your smocked cat, as they can sometimes be more sensitive to heat than your cat might.

We’ve had our cats happy with their custom smocked smock-tights for about a month now, and they’re still wearing them now and again.

We plan to add new items to our smocked pet smock to keep them happy and healthy, and encourage others to make their own custom smocks for their pets as well.

• Be sure to check out our list of recommended pet grooming products here.

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