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How to dress like a hairdressing student

How to dress like a hairdressing student

Hairdresser’s birthday meme has been making the rounds on social media.

Here are some tips on how to dress in your hair and keep it fresh for the hairdorist.


Keep your hair short and groomed in a ponytail or bob.

Hairstyles that are short and straight will often be seen in photos as they are more stylish than straight hairstyles.


Be careful when styling your hair in the afternoon.

Hair styling can make your hair appear long and messy and make you look like you’re wearing a wig.


Don’t be a fashionista when it comes to styling your hairdo.

Haired hairstyles can be worn to a party or event without it being seen as a fashion statement.


Don,t let your hair be a distraction from the job you are doing.

This can include putting on a pony tail or a short bob.

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