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How the new hairdresses capes are a little more classy

Posted December 13, 2018 by David Shephard A new hairstylist outfit from Bath and Bodyworks has caught the eye of the internet, with a clipart video of the outfit being shared on Instagram. 

The clip is of a black hairstresser working out in her new outfit.

The video was originally shared by the brand on Instagram on December 10 and shows the hairdos in their new attire.

“It’s a little bit of an upgrade from the first time we saw them,” the Instagram post reads.

“The styling and styling is a little less extreme and the look is very classy.” 

The brand posted a statement on the Instagram account, saying they were inspired by the new look after seeing a YouTube video of a similar outfit.

“They look so chic, they are a lot different than anything we’ve ever seen before,” the brand said.

They are also a lot more affordable.

Bath & Bodyworks said it had received a lot of positive feedback from the Instagram video and was currently in discussions with the stylist.

“We appreciate the feedback and are currently in talks with the hair stylist to try to finalise the look before we launch,” the statement reads.

Hairdresser has received mixed reactions from customers on social media.

Some people said it was too simple, while others said it looked “too old fashioned”.

“If they can dress the same in their outfits for three years without changing, I’m OK with that,” one woman said on Instagram, while another user said she thought the new style was “a little more complicated”.

Hairspray aficionados also expressed their support for the new hair styles.

“This is definitely something new for me,” one Instagram user said.

“I have tried lots of hairstyles in the past and these are the first ones that are totally in my blood.”

“It is a step in the right direction,” another said.

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