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How a male hairstylist has turned a $1.5 million salary into a career

How a male hairstylist has turned a $1.5 million salary into a career

HARDBALL: A male hairstyle artist is making a career of it, making $1,5 million annually from hair care products.

The stylist has also worked for several high-profile fashion brands, including Chanel, Levi’s, and even, more recently, Calvin Klein.

But when he started a salon business, he quickly saw his business wasn’t making enough money to make it work.

The male stylist is now one of the top-earning hair stylists in the country.

We caught up with him about his new career, the biggest obstacles in the profession, and his life in New York City.

What was your first job?

My first job was working for a major department store, and it wasn’t very well paid.

So I just went out and did whatever I could.

I was going to take care of the customers, so that was pretty much it.

I’m now a full-time stylist at a major brand.

When I was in high school, I worked at a big department store in Florida.

I loved the company and I loved how they treated their employees, and I was kind of lucky.

I was lucky because I worked in a place that was like a mom-and-pop operation.

There was no union, so there was no collective bargaining, so I was a little bit of an outlier, and then I got into this big department.

And I’ve kind of had to kind of adapt my mindset.

I think that’s something that people are looking for when they’re looking for a career in hair.

Because they think they’re going to be a stay-at-home mom.

I’m not that type of person.

I do have to do things to make sure I’m doing it right, but I also think I’m an advocate for women, because I do believe that women should be able to make their own decisions.

What I don’t like about it is that I feel like I have to cater to what men want.

That is not how I want to work.

I also have to have a good relationship with my clients and be able a little more upfront about what I’m trying to do, because that’s one of my biggest weaknesses, is being too direct and being too specific.

You have to know what you’re doing and you can’t be too specific about it.

I think that is what I need to learn from my male colleagues.

I work with some really amazing clients.

I get to do the hair, I get a little break from the client, and my client is the one who’s really behind the process.

I have the confidence that I can tell them the right way to do their hair.

I just need to be really good at it, because it is very hard to do a hair look right.

I can’t really talk about the technique, and they’re not going to do it.

But I’ll just tell them, I’m going to use a little dab of a powder or two.

I really love working with clients like that.

The only thing I’m afraid of is that they’re gonna be too hard on me, and that I’m gonna be a bad person, but that is the only thing that worries me.

What advice would you give to young stylists out there who want to start a career?

I would tell them that they should go for it, and go for a bigger project, because you don’t have to be in the office all the time.

You can do whatever you want.

And if you want to learn, that’s what I recommend.

If you want a job, do it, but make sure that you have a little piece of paper that you can show your client what you want out of the business.

You don’t want to be too secretive.

Make sure that the client knows what you do, and your business is going to thrive, and the clients are going to want to do business with you.

I just want to make my clients happy.

That’s all that I ask.

What’s your advice for someone just starting out?

I always say to them, if you’re really determined, then go for the big projects.

If your work is good, then you’re going into a business that you’re excited about, and you’re willing to put in the time to do that work.

And you’re not just going to make $500,000 a year.

If I were you, I would say that if you have to go into a job that you don’ want to, you should work for a company that’s more focused on your client, because if they’re happy with the work, then they’re willing, and if they don’t, then it’s a waste of time.

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