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‘Hair’ from £10,000 – ‘Dresser’ from just £5,000

‘Hair’ from £10,000 – ‘Dresser’ from just £5,000

We’re not even halfway through the summer and already the winter has been so much harder than the summer.

It’s not just about the weather but the money, too.

That’s the main takeaway from this year’s ‘Summer of the Dresses’ event, where we asked women to choose a hairdo from just the £5 price point and ask us for some inspiration.

Read moreRead more”I like the look of the ‘Dresses’ because they’re super affordable,” said Ellie M. “I’ve had my hair styled by my mum and dad in my dad’s basement for five years, and the price is so low.

It was also great to have a great clientele, like my dad, who is an estate agent, so I had a lot of fun working with them and learning about their lives.”

Read moreRead all the stories about women at the 2017 Summer of the Dressers event in the June issue of TalkSport magazine, on newsstands now. Read more 

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