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Elizabeth Warren to unveil new campaign card featuring ‘America First’ in June

Elizabeth Warren to unveil new campaign card featuring ‘America First’ in June

Elizabeth Warren will unveil a new campaign cards featuring America First as the nation prepares for the presidential election.

The Massachusetts senator will release a series of cards at the Democratic National Convention next month.

The cards feature the slogan, “We are a nation of immigrants and refugees, not walls,” Warren’s office said in a statement.

“This is about creating an America where all Americans can succeed, not where people of color are second-class citizens, and those of us who are vulnerable have the same access to our justice system as everyone else,” Warren said in the statement.

Warren will be joined by U.S. Sens.

Cory Booker, Joe Manchin, Bernie Sanders and Kirsten Gillibrand.

The cards will be unveiled by the campaign on Friday at the Convention Center in Philadelphia.

The first of the cards will feature a photo of a baby wearing a traditional American hairstyle.

It will also feature the words “We Are One America.”

“The message of the card is that we will never be afraid to stand up to a bad government policy, or to take action against a racist or xenophobic president or party,” Warren campaign spokesperson Lauren J. Brown said in an email.

Warren’s card will also include the words, “You are not alone, and we will fight to ensure that everyone has the same opportunity to succeed and be good neighbors, regardless of their background, gender, race, sexual orientation or religion.”

In February, Warren launched her campaign with a campaign to make her the first woman to serve as a U.N. Security Council member and the first U.A.E. member to serve in the Senate.

She also announced that she would serve as an ambassador to China.

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