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Donald Trump’s aladdin hairstyler was busted for fraud

Donald Trump’s aladdin hairstyler was busted for fraud

Donald Trump has been slammed for a ‘cheap aladdin hairdresser’ who allegedly used fake photos of him to promote a ‘hairdressers swindle’ website, but he may have been caught red-handed in a scam as well.

The man, who is still at large, was photographed in a promotional video for the website aladdinhairs.com, which advertised an aladdin salon in the city of Windsor, Ontario.

A screenshot of the advertisement, which was allegedly posted to the website on November 9, 2017, showed a smiling Mr Trump at a table in the salon, wearing a long white coat, and standing next to a woman wearing a pink dress.

The advertisement, however, shows Mr Trump in a red tuxedo and a black leather jacket with an algiers hat.

Mr Trump’s alleged hairdressor, who has not been named, was reportedly in charge of the marketing and social media campaigns for the salon.

Mr Trumps hairdressers website, which also appeared to promote the salon on Facebook, has since been deleted.

However, a spokesperson for Mr Trumps business organisation, Trump Organization, has denied the salon was involved in the marketing of the aladdin spa and claimed that the salon is not associated with Mr Trump.

“There is no relationship whatsoever between Donald Trump and the salon,” said a spokesperson.

“This was a publicity stunt.”

He added that the business was not involved in promoting or advertising the salon in any way, but instead offered to advertise it on the site.

A spokesperson for the Ontario government said the government has been in contact with Mr Trimes group and is “working with them on a response”.

He added: “We do not have any evidence that there is any relationship between Donald Trimes company or Donald Trump, and the algier Hairdressers Swindle website.”

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