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Best hairdressing cape at Amberley

Best hairdressing cape at Amberley

Amberley hairstyler Rachel Smith has put her best foot forward at the 2018 Women’s Golden Gloves competition.

The 22-year-old hairdressed caped crusader defeated a pair of competitors in a nail salon competition, but has been left disappointed with the results.

“I’m very disappointed with what I saw today,” Ms Smith said.

“This was the first time I’ve ever won the Golden Gloves and it’s disappointing I didn’t get to fight for the title.”

Ms Smith has been crowned the 2018 Golden Gloves winner for the first-time in her career.

She said she was disappointed to be one of the only female competitors who didn’t win.

“It’s a very difficult decision but I feel like it was the right one,” she said.

Ms Smith said she believed it was unfair to be ranked behind male competitors, who also had to face off against each other.

“You don’t get the same exposure and that’s really sad,” she added.

“Because you don’t know who’s coming to the show and you don to get to compete for a prize you want to win.”

Ms Harris has also been crowned this year’s Golden Hand winner.

“That’s very nice to be up there, but I think it’s a bit unfair,” she laughed.

“For me it’s just a big boost that I’ve been chosen to compete at the Golden Hand.”

The Golden Hand is a very prestigious event, you have to get your name on the list, you’ve got to win and if you don I think I would probably have been ranked higher.

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