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Australian hairdressing salons get it wrong: the truth about body hair

Australian hairdressing salons get it wrong: the truth about body hair

Brisbane, Australia— The world’s largest and fastest-growing hairdressor industry, with more than 1,500 salons operating in the state, has a problem with the word “hair” and “beard”.

Hair salon owners have been caught in the crossfire over what they call “body hair” or “beard” and, in a case of the hairdresses in the “halo” mentality, are claiming that they are being discriminated against.

In the case of one Brisbane-based salon owner, a member of staff at his shop was called out for using the word in front of a customer and the employee replied with a comment about the customer being bald, The Courier Mail reported.

The employee then made a reference to a fellow member of the staff being bald and said that “everyone should be hairdressed”.

According to the report, the salon manager responded to the incident by saying that the staff member who made the comment had “no idea what she was talking about”.

He said that he was trying to help his customer, who was “a little bit bald”.

The owner also claimed that he had to intervene because his staff member had to leave his shop and go to the airport to get a haircut.

“He said to me ‘I can’t leave you because I’m going to get my haircut’.

He said ‘I’m bald, I’ll be in there all day.

You have to go’,” the owner said.

He said the staff then went to the nearest airport and the manager “was very apologetic and said he had not said anything rude about the bald man and it was all a misunderstanding”.

The salon owner said he was “scared” to work at a place where he felt he could be discriminated against and he was not “truly happy” about the situation.

He told the Courier Mail: “If it was me, I’d probably go and start a hair salon and have a bunch of customers and I wouldn’t be able to do it, I think it’s disgusting.”

“I’d rather go to a hairdressive salon and not have to work, or a salon where you’re not going to be treated like a piece of meat and you’re going to have to put up with some things like that.”

You can’t just come in here and get a piece and be treated as though you’re just a piece, that’s not what I want to see.

“In another case, a woman who works in a local hairderer shop in Brisbane said that the salon owner “seemed very concerned” about her appearance and asked her if she was bald, while other employees at the salon were seen “inappropriately looking” at her.

The salon’s manager said the customer had been asked to remove her wig and her hair was then returned to her and the woman was told to “get it off”.

A third salon owner in Brisbane told the Brisbane Times that the owner had asked her to “go get her hair” before she left the salon.

The owner told the newspaper that she had “a lot of customers” and that the manager had told her to get rid of her hair.”

I don’t think that was the best idea, because I have so many customers that have come in, that I think they would like to be looked at as if they are just another piece of wood,” she said.

The report states that “the word ‘beard’ is considered inappropriate by many hair salons in Australia, with many people not only being offended by the use of the word, but also by the way it is used.”

It adds: “The word ‘belly hair’ is not used in salons or in any other setting where hair is not always appropriate.

The word ‘nose hair’ refers to people with the hair on their nose.

The term ‘beard hair’ does not occur in salon settings.

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